Relationships and Self-esteem

Does it ever feel like your relationships are battlegrounds? In your personal life or your professional life? Or are you simply battling with yourself?

It’s my belief that the vast majority of us want the same thing – loving and supportive relationships, or in a professional context a sense of being valued, respected, acknowledged – and to feel confident, happy and fulfilled within ourselves.

For many people that feels an impossible ideal. However there are simple principles and guidelines I use which can achieve this.

I can help you remove criticism and blame, and switch your focus to feelings of appreciation and gratitude, leading naturally to greater love and acceptance – of self and others.

We can’t change other people, but somehow when we make positive change ourselves, others seem to change around us.

Using EFT, I help free you from any negative influence from previous relationships, enabling you to make a fresh start.

You can turn your battlegrounds into playgrounds – loving and fun. If there is anything getting in the way of that for you, I would love to help.


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'Anne Grey is, quite simply, the wisest, most inspiring person I have ever known. She has enhanced every aspect of my life.'
Sophie Hannah, Writer

'Anne is a living example of all she teaches. Just being in her presence brings a deep experience of peace... I highly recommend Anne's work.'
Dawson Church, PhD, author of The Genie in Your Genes.

'Everyone needs an Anne in her handbag.'

‘Anne’s profound intuition and extensive practical experience are applied with crystal clarity and deep compassion. I consider myself very fortunate to have access to her and support for both my professional and personal life.’
Gill Adams, Business Consultant