Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is an impressive therapy which brings together the ancient Chinese understanding of energy meridians in the body, used in acupuncture, with contemporary psychology. Rather than using needles, EFT works by gently tapping meridian points on the face and upper body, whilst focussing on the problem at hand.

EFT helps to remove the negative effects of past traumas, disappointments and difficulties, as well as providing an effective method of decreasing stress and restoring life balance.

Using EFT it is then possible to focus on making positive change.

EFT has been consistently successful in resolving:

Difficulties in relationships – personal and professional

Fears and phobias

Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression

The physical and emotional after-effects of accidents and trauma

Addictions such as over-eating, smoking and excessive drinking

Pain and acute and chronic physical conditions

Nerves and underachievement in any area of performance – sports, the arts, examinations, presentations, public speaking

Difficulties in achieving personal or professional goals

When used with a skilled and experienced practitioner, the results can be remarkable. In addition, EFT is an easy technique to learn and use at home, for sustained improvement.


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